At the beginning of our school holiday I was super excited to have some time to search for new wooden toys and resources for our school. Nothing was going to stop me finding the perfect wooden animals, caves and scenes for us to use in play provocations and small worlds this coming term! After spending the first few days searching for local suppliers and following up on all sorts of leads I realised I wasn’t going to find what I was looking for. There are so many beautiful wooden toys out there drooollll but it seems I’d have to import them and this just isn’t a practical solution for me. I am passionate about beautiful wooden toys that are natural and sustainable. The natural wood textures stimulate our littlies senses inviting them to touch, feel and explore. Besides their durability and safety, wooden toys are ideal for encouraging creative and imaginative play. The only solution was to make them myself! I’m incredibly fortunate that my neighbour and his brother own and operate a sawmill that I could source not only local but sustainable wood for my toys. I found a second hand scroll saw online a little workshop corner at home and started playing around!

Ive had so much fun and want to recommend that if I can do this you can do it too!! The end product takes time and muscle to sand and finish properly and safely but totally do able and such fun!

More on these projects to follow!


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