I’ve always seen wonderful wooden fences in gorgeous school blogs and never been able to find them. As a substitute I’ve tried plastic fences – but lets face it they just fall over and cause endless frustration! To have sturdy wooden fences would be awesome right? So after having the wood lying around for days weeks patient husband pandered my whims and made me a whole box of wooden fences – bliss!

Items we used: long squared piece of wood (25mm x 25mm), dowling rod (your pick of thickness – thicker the sturdier), sander, glue gun

Basically just cut the fence ends into equal lengths (mine are just over 10cm) and sand the edges so that they are not sharp. Cut the dowling rod into equal lenths. Measure and and drill holes into wooden sides and attach dowling into holes with extra glue to secure. Your measurements need to be quite acurate to ensure the fences actually stand. We applied a non toxic wood sealant to ours – optional. If you are unable to make your own get in touch with me to buy a batch –…

The great thing about wooden fences is that they can be used for all sorts of smaller loose part play provocations. They also stand on most surfaces (you can see they even stand on our grass carpet). I use them indoors and outdoors and the children spend ages incorporating them into their play.


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