It’s been a week of creepy crawlies at school this week! The children have come up with some amazing ideas about the insect and spider world…We have had big discussions about insect & spider habitats, what they eat and who eats them, what they do and what makes them all unique.

We’ve had opportunity for sensory play, loose parts, cutting and matching and sorting…

Fun with light and shadows…

Opportunities to explore through art…

And even discovering our own friends in the garden…

finding snails.jpg



More wintry weather and great fun to create our own insect and spider play provocations indoors! Always a hit with the children and plenty to talk, sing, play and create about!

We’ve been chatting about life cycles and I love these safariology life cycle sets – the children are fascinated by them and love to handle and play with them. Some simple hand painted lady birds to sort and count and loads of books to keep us busy!

Inspecting our little creatures…

And of course some OHP fun playing with light and shadows!

And plenty of creative art!



With the chilly winter days approaching we have been trying to bring a little of the outdoors in with some enticing play provocations. The children had great fun with our insect and spider small world play.

Each day we would add some more natural elements to build homes and hidey holes for all the insects. On one of the days we put out a basket of different textured wool and threads with some scissors to create spider webs – the children spent hours unwrapping the wool, cutting and winding it.

And of course what could be more fun than creating giant size insect shadows with the OHP?!