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Practicing motor skills with other children and having interested adults participate are great learning opportunities for children. Patient husband made a set of simple obstacle materials for the children to use for their movement. They were easy to make and provide the children with a great opportunity to explore and discuss all the different things they can do with them. Even though the children figured out the original movements intended for them they even invented a few of their own creative uses and had a great time experimenting and eventually making their own obstacle courses.

Items we used: piece of wood cut into various sizes; drill and screws; sander.

Once the various pieces of wood were cut to size we just drilled all the bits together and sanded. We made 2 x balance beams and 2 x hoop holders. They are sturdy and provide a great platform for the children to create their own creative obstacle courses!


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Below are a few Easter resources you are welcome to use. If you are interested in any other resources I may have available you are welcome to email me at: smallschoollove@gmail.com

easter resource free download colouring01 easter resources free download colouring02 easter resources free download colouring03 easter resources free download colouring04 easter resource free download emergent numeracy01 easter resource free download emergent numeracy02 easter resource free download emergent reading01 easter resource free download emergent reading02 easter resource free download emergent reading03 easter resource free download emergent reading04 easter resource free download emergent reading05 easter resources free download silhouette match black easter resources free download silhouette match colour



Below are a few Autumn resources you are welcome to use. If you are interested in any other resources I may have available you are welcome to email me at: smallschoollove@gmail.com

Autumn leave silhouette resource black Autumn leave silhouette resource colour Autumn leaves colouring in resource Autumn leaves resource emergent numeracy01 Autumn leaves resource emergent numeracy02 Autumn leaves resource emergent reading01 Autumn leaves resource emergent reading02 Autumn leaves resource emergent reading03 Autumn leaves resource emergent reading04Autumn leaves resource leaf trace



I don’t know about anyone else out there but we have a number of budding palaeontologists at playschool! They absolutely love learning about dinosaurs and are fascinated by all the different types. In this post I’ve included some of our ideas to inspire and encourage creative discussions about dinosaurs. I tried to fill our space with different provocations all over the show – from bigger floor space play areas to tiny cubby spaces – the children loved discovering little surprises all over the show!

Somedays we would have a lush dinosaur jungle filled with dangerous dinosaurs! I made my own rocks and caves using filla foam from the hardware store. I’ve included more on how to make these in another post.

On another day we would have a rocky outcrop filled with caves, volcanoes and waterfalls…

On another just a big floor space filled with different levels and loose parts to get creative.

There was great fun as the children searched for dinosaur “fossils” buried under the sand. They had their own mini spoons and paintbrushes to dig around and discover. (I’ve since done this activity with kinetic sand and I don’t even have to tell you how mesmerising this was!)

The highlight of the week is always a simple volcano experiment. So simple and so much fun. The children will do this over and over taking turns – their delight is contagious…

I just love dinosaur week – the enthusiasm and excitement is paramount!


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