As we are still early into the year our priorities have been getting to know each other and our new environment… Our aims have been to inspire the children to investigate, experiment and engage…There have been plenty of questions and answers as the children have started their journey of self discovery this year through play…

Our theme has been “our home”. As many of the children are new I’ve let them lead the discussion as we’ve gotten to know each other – chatting at the outdoor kitchen, building and creating together and just taking a look around getting comfortable with their space…The most exciting part of our week was to construct the 3 little pigs houses together. The children played with this the whole week and I often found them “building a house of bricks” (blocks outside)…There has been a lot of dramatic play, teacher led singing and creative singing “open mic”!

This week we have explored scissors & cutting, chalks, painting with tempura & acrylic, glueing and water colours.









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