On the last day of school I love to give the children something special to take home with them…In the past I would shop around and buy a number of small presents and wrap them up…As the years went by I started making presents for the children and now it’s something I do every year and try to come up with something different!

As usual I try to fit in waaaay too much towards the end of the year resulting in me up sewing and packaging late at night! But despite this I actually love making the gifts and start getting so excited to send them home with something that I’ve made especially for them!

Last year I made each child a felt playmat with a small bag of goodies to go with it. Girls got a fantasy playmat and boys got a dinosaur play mat…(Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of dinosaur playmat!)

For the girls I made crowns and wands and the boys a felt fox face mask (no pic of that either I’m afraid!)

A little owl craft to do with mom and dad and a little cuddly owl for bedtime! This years present ideas to follow…!


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