Tooo many lovely nursery rhymes and too little time! Another theme filled with so many different ideas and opportunities to create lovely provocations for the children… I was given a very special book that was great inspiration and provided a great selection of well known and not so well known nursery rhymes to share with the children.

This year I made a set of nursery rhyme felt characters for the felt board – the children loved them and I’d often overhear them singing the nursery rhymes and enacting the rhymes amongst themselves.

On the table we had a few small provocations of various nursery rhymes – the children had great fun playing with these during the week. Towards the end of the week I created a sensory basin filled with the items together with large shred sawdust – they adored this!

On the other side of the classroom a “little miss muffit” play scene with picnic basket, cushion and of course spider on elasticated thread hanging from the ceiling! The children had an absolute ball with the spider – every time they pulled it it would shoot up into the air – too much fun!

A great week filled with so many creative play based activities and loads of fun!


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