I don’t know about any one else but we have a number of very dedicated oceanographers at play school! I love our sea theme and can’t get enough of the delight, interest and observation the little ones show in exploring the ocean and it’s creatures…

Of course for sensory displays we have water, shells, sand and … water! And lots of it! I have a wonderful collection of beautiful shells that I let the children handle and play with in and out of the water.

They will spend ages pouring the water out of shells and comparing all the different sizes and types. Swishing, sploshing and splashing…

More water, boats and sea creatures…

Of course it would not be the ocean without the beach…

There are so many wonderful ideas to put out on the tables to inspire creative thinking… and some simple ideas for emergent counting the children just cant resist!

Evolving collaborative artwork left on the walls for the week have the children adding their own creative touches as the mood takes them…

Discussion is endless and sensory opportunities everywhere!


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