There are so many lovely creative activities for children to do in Autumn. The seasons are changing and the air is crisp and fresh…They start arriving in warmer clothes and we bundle up before we go outdoors. We don’t need an excuse for warm tea and biscuits! Even though the weather starts restricting our outdoor activity at times – there is no shortage of energy and enthusiasm!

I’ve included a few displays in this post for Autumn inspiration! On our theme table we had miniature Autumn leaves with pine needle brooms and Autumn creatures. The children spent ages sweeping up the leaves and making “nests” and “warm beds” for the animals. We even painted with our home made brushes as the week progressed.

On the other side of the class we had an Autumn felt board that had the children riveted in long periods of avid story telling and re-organising!

Outside we had various areas with bundles of Autumn finds – as the week progressed every one’s treasures and finds got added to the piles. Each day there were little “creatures” and “insects” hidden among the leaves, pinecones and needles waiting to be found and played with.

We loved playing with the projector and experimenting with all our finds. Playing with light, shadow and colours kept everyone busy for ages. There were so many different items to explore and discover. The children even played at being “Autumn” leaves as they danced amongst the shadows!


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